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About Ivanna Nechay

Ivanna Nechay is a singer, actress, teacher and the author of her own songs, written in the spirit of ‘World Music’ and city shamanism.

Ivanna is a founder and director of the folk theatre ‘Theatre Popular Ivanna Nechay’ based in Paris, France. The theatre organises musical performances, that reveal the main Slavic celebrations: Christmas holidays, Maslenitsa, St.John the Baptist’s Day (Ivan Kupala), Harvest festival (Obginki) etc. Recently, a new retrospective performance ‘The Muses’, dedicated to the greatest women of the past centuries, was included in the repertory of the theatre.

Ivanna Nechay conduct individual and group vocal counseling for adults and children from 15 years. To sign up for a consultation, write to the address: eihwazlife@gmail.com



For everyone who wants to engage in vocal, and for cooperation
You can contact Ivanna Nechay at eihwazlife@gmail.com, as well as through the contact form below: